Don’t get caught sleeping at the wheel

Let Epoch Sleep Apnea Testing keep you on the road and your CSL.

Now CDL guidelines require medical examiners to provide sleep apnea screening.

If you think you are at risk for sleep apnea, or have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may benefit with Epoch Sleep Centers EZ Pass Sleep Anea Testing and Treatment Program designed for truckers and their employers to keep truckers on the road and healthy. Sleep Apnea is a serious disease that can be affiliated with other diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease, and High Blood Pleasure.

Who is Epoch Sleep Center?

Epoch is a sleep center that provides home sleep testing to determine if you have sleep apnea and treatment called CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) that eradicates sleep apnea and improves symptoms.

What is Epochs EZ Pass?

A low cost, insurance covered, acceptable rapid testing and process for truckers that need sleep apnea testing and CPAP treatment. Most Medical Registery Physicans/Providers will allow you time to get tested and treated. No time off road.

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How do I know if I have Sleep Apnea?

Take the STOP Screener and talk to your doctor/provider. Many of the Medical Registry Physicians/Providers are aware of the program and can refer.

What is a home sleep study?

For many truckers, the testing of sleep apnea does not need to be done at the sleep lab or hospital, it can be done at home. The trucker simply comes to one of our four locations to pick up their home testing machine, wear it for the night, return it, and we will have your results in 7 days.



If you have sleep apnea, your physician or provider may request that you go on a CPAP device. You will come back to the center for an hour to learn how to use your cpap device and take it home. Your machine has a built in cell phone modern that tells our staff how much and how oten you are using the device. If you have problems tolerating the machine and mask, we can make adjustment while you’re on the road, no need to come in and get fitted. If you need a new mask, no problem, we can send it via the mail at no cost. We have mask guarantee program. You’re always welcome to make an appointment and meet with one of our sleep technicians.

CALL TODAY: (401) 541-9188