Education, Screening, & CPAP /Auto PAP Treatment

Epoch provides a seamless  experience To help our patients sleep well .

Epoch Sleep Centers offers a proven national model, comprehensive and seamless approach to help patients who have had a positive sleep study for sleep apnea at one of it’s four centers provide the treatment of CPAP  (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) & AUTO PAP (Automatic Positive Airway Pressure) device and related supplies. Depending on insurance, Epoch can provide you with the most current CPAP machines, masks and ongoing supplies. These machines have “Smart Technology ” and provides patient with remote monitoring to help acclimate to the device all in the comfort of their own home.

Epoch Sleep Centers does sleep therapy only. We are not a ” Home Care Company “. that does wheelchairs or oxygen . Epoch Sleep Centers has devoted board certified medical directors and sleep apnea educators who preside over each location and are able to fully commit their time to providing our patients the best quality of care and education.

  • Epoch Sleep Centers offers the most thorough continuum of care in the industry. From initial referral, our sleep educators help patients fully understand the process they are undertaking and the long term benefits of CPAP therapy and other treatment options.
  • Epoch Sleep Centers offers the best, top of the line CPAP devices and masks. The machines are provided  with a remote monitoring (at Epoch’s cost)  that can monitor your  breathing patterns at home as well as provide feedback to your sleep educator and ordering health care provider. All changes can be done remotely without interrupting therapy, yet improve comfort and benefit from use.
  • All Epoch Sleep Centers set-ups and or patient education visits are done by a Sleep Apnea Educator – highly trained sleep technicians or certified respiratory therapists with flexible hours to accommodate the busy lifestyles . Use of U Tube Videos to support use of these machines and mask are also offered to help maximize the learning experience without having to come to our facilities or call our team .
  • The Sleep Apnea Educators are coaches available 24/ 7.  Patients have access to CPAP use , mask fit , leak , humidification settings  and much more from both the machine and links to their smart phones.

CPAP /Auto PAP Set Up

  • Epoch offers a mask guarantee program . This program allows patients to  switch to a new mask without being charged or their insurance company.
  • Epoch offers an array of products to help patients achieve a better night sleep . Mini CPAP’s (great for traveling )  , Electronic CPAP Cleaners.
  • Epoch offers gently used refurbished machines for sale at reduced cost to patients who may want to purchase a second machine . Call or email Julie Lincoln for a our daily updated list.


Epoch’s Resupply will keep you well stocked with easy to order . We bill your insurance and let you know up front if you have a copay. Payment on line is available . Ordering Supplies on line makes it easy and at your convenience . We offer new and refurbished  CPAP’s for sale at discounted prices. If you are paying out of pocket for filters,tubing,CPAP replacement we provide discounted pricing  that can be found on


WANT TO TRAVEL FREELY? Ask us about our mini CPAP machines and CPAP cleaners!!

PROVENT Treatment for Sleep Apnea

The PROVENT Treatment for Sleep Apnea is used for obstructive sleep apnea. It works by increasing the pressure in the airway, which helps prevent the collapse of the airway while you sleep.

Provent Pricing and Services

  • Complimentary Consultation and Sample
  • Includes Patient education visit with clinician at any of our locations
  • Visa/MC/AmExp/Debit cards/HAS cards/Cash accepted
  • Auto resupply and auto debit available
  • 30 day supply $90
  • Volume discounts (10%), 90 days ($243) 180 days ($486)
  • Free shipping