Neuro Diagnositics: EEG /Ambulatory EEG

EEG/Ambulatory EEG Services

Ambulatory EEG with video technology and software has become easier and more affordable. Epoch’s Neuro-Diagnostic Services Ambulatory EEG with Video program offers a turn-key operation and can provide a revenue stream to the physician practice. No out of pocket expenses and no interruption to the practice or staff. Manufacturers have recently begun to release Ambulatory EEG with Video units for sale but they typically cost over $30K and need significant maintenance upgrades and on call support for the patient.

Neuro and Sleep Diagnostic Services Ambulatory EEG with Video up to 96 hours | Ambulatory without video to 96 hours | Routine EEG with Photic Stimulator

Epoch’s Neuro Diagnostic Equipment Rental Services Providing Neuro and Sleep Diagnostic equipment and clinical support throughout the Northeast Epoch’s daily rental rate offers cost effective EEG with no out of pocket expenses and customized services to meet your practice needs.

Patient comfort, simplicity, performance and flexibility

At Epoch, we are dedicated to diagnosing sleep & neurology disorders and providing patients with treatments that will lead to a better quality of life.

• Equipment only
• Equipment and EEG technician
• Equipment, technician and reading/interpretation
• BillingSupport /Training Epoch’s rental model provides the best daily fee-for-service rate in the industry.
• Server based studies enable interpretation anytime, anywhere.
• Same day equipment, testing and results.
• Rapid study review via state of the art Spike and Seizure software.

• In lab video and EEG quality output.
• Epoch hosts study results on a virtual server decreasing the need for costly storage.
• Allows for expansion into nursing homes and patient homes.
• Epoch provides unlimited 24/7support to the physician practice.
• Epoch provides24/7on call support for patients.
• Epoch enables7day/ week utilization creating revenue 7 days/week.

Ambulatory EEG

The “TREA” is a small ambulatory EEG that can fit in a pants pocket. It is lightweight and tamper proof for both adult and pediatric needs and has an easy access event button. The “TREA” comes with an attachable belt and case as well as a patient diary to keep track of events. It can record up to 72 hours and results are interpreted quickly.

Reliable Video EEG at a Patient’s Home

Frequently, the best way to capture seizures or other neurological events is to use an ambulatory device in a patient’s home environment. The TREA and AURA ambulatory EEG system are durable, small and lightweight units. They weigh 8 oz. and are capable of recording up to 72 hours of data utilizing rechargeable batteries. To provide synchronized EEG and video data, the AURA amplifier integrates seamlessly with video acquisition systems. The all in one system allows for simplicity as well as freedom during times of non-video.


Equipment & Technical Support


24-72 hours, at home

The Epoch difference

Multiple convenient drive up locations in RI and South Eastern MA
Open 7 days a week, personalized scheduling to fit your needs
24/7 support by clinical staff is “always on call” to answer your needs
EEG trained technicians providing set up and download
Board Certified Neurologists to interpret study
Study results ready 2-5 business days after study in most cases
Courtesy insurance check
Accepts most insurance plans, Blue Cross, United Health, Medicare, etc.
Utilizes the most current technology
Patients contacted the same day as their referral
Rapid appointment booking
Comfortable rooms dedicated to EEG setup
Accommodations for parents
Quick, accurate test results

Medical Director:
Rhode Island Medical Director: Edward M. Donnelly, MD
Massachusettes Medical Director: Andrew Blum, MD, MPH
Board Certification: Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology